What is ^ (superscript) in HTML?

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The ^ (superscript) element is used to represent superscript text within an HTML document. Superscript text is typically used for displaying footnotes, mathematical expressions, or any other content that should be displayed above the regular line of text.

Code Example:

<p>The formula for calculating the area of a circle is A = πr^2.</p>

In this example, ^2 is used to denote the power of 2 applied to the variable r. This would be displayed as “A = πr^2.” in the rendered HTML document.


  • href: The URL of the link. Used when the superscript text is a hyperlink.
  • title: A tooltip message that appears when the user hovers over the superscript text.
  • target: Specifies where to open the linked document.
  • alt: Provides alternative information for users who cannot see the image or cannot use the mouse.

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