YouTuber Tutorials and Imposter Syndrome

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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Programming Skills to YouTubers: The Truth Behind Tutorials and Imposter Syndrome

I understand that many programmers often compare their skills to YouTubers who provide programming tutorials. However, having been on both sides of the fence, I can assure you that this practice is unhealthy. I will explain why you should only use YouTube Programming Tutorials as a resource, not a comparison tool.

The Dark Side of YouTuber Tutorials: How They Can Contribute to Imposter Syndrome

Understanding that YouTubers often prepare and code before recording their videos is essential. This gives them ample time to research, plan, and refine their code. Unlike the YouTube video, real-life programming involves time constraints, bugs, and frustrating research. Because of this, YouTubers present an idealized version of programming that may not reflect the reality of programming.

The Dangers of Simplified Code: Why You Should Practice with More Complex Concepts

There is a frequent practice of simplifying code in YouTube tutorials for brevity. Beginners may benefit from this approach, but experienced programmers who want to improve their skills or efficiency may find it detrimental. The disadvantage of using simplified code is that it prevents you from learning complex concepts that can only be learned through practice and experience.

YouTuber Tutorials and Imposter Syndrome

Despite evidence of your competence, you might feel like an imposter when you compare your skills to YouTubers. It’s important to remember everyone makes mistakes and must research topics, including YouTubers. In addition, YouTubers have teams of editors and creators to make their videos look polished and refined.

Popular Websites for Troubleshooting Common Coding Issues

Consider practicing and learning as much as possible instead of comparing yourself to YouTubers and trying to learn as much as possible from them. There are a lot of resources available in the form of Stack Overflow, GitHub, and CodePen that are designed to assist in troubleshooting common coding issues. Besides offering excellent resources for learning the fundamentals of programming, these websites also allow users to collaborate with other programmers and receive feedback from them.

The Hidden Work Behind YouTuber Tutorials: Why Comparing Yourself Isn’t Fair

Using YouTube tutorial creators as a comparison of your programming skills is unfair. The reality of programming is not always reflected in YouTube videos that may seem hyperbolic. Instead, practice and learn, and get feedback from other programmers in your area of expertise. Remember that programming involves challenges and mistakes, and the key to becoming a skilled programmer is persistence, practice, and a willingness to learn from your mistakes.

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