What is a tr Tag in HTML5?

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The <tr> HTML tag is used to create a new row in a table. This tag can be used alone or in combination with other tags such as <td> and <th>. The <tr> tag is part of the HTML Table elements that allow developers to create a structured layout for displaying data in a tabular format.

Code Example:

<td>Cell 1</td>
<td>Cell 2</td>
<td>Cell 3</td>
<td>Cell 4</td>


  • align: Specifies the horizontal alignment of the table data. Values include left, right, center.
  • valign: Specifies the vertical alignment of the table data. Values include top, middle, bottom, and baseline.
  • char: Specifies a character used for cell justification.
  • charoff: Specifies the number of characters from the edge of the cell to align with the character specified in the char attribute.
  • scope: Specifies whether the header is associated with the row or column of cells. Values include row and col.

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